Your graduating armed services veterans deserve, without doubt, visual recognition when they receive their degree.

The best way to acieve this is by providing each with a Veteran Recognition Cord to be worn over their graduation cap and gown.

These 3-color intertwined cords feature red-white-royal or red-white-navy cording with complementing 3-color tassels at each end.

At just $4.85 per cord, your graduating veterans will be honored to be recognized for their unselfish commitment to the security of our nation and protection of the freedoms we enjoy each day.

To order online or with a printable order form, just click the link below and scroll down to 3-color cords.

We will be closed for the Labor Day weekend from Thursday, August 31 to Tuesday, September 5..  Orders placed during that time period will not ship until September 5th.
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Our cords for armed service veterans are in heavy demand.  We recommend ordering early for early delivery,
army-navy-air force-marines,coast guard-veteran-recognition-cords
army-navy-air force-marines,coast guard-veteran-recognition-cords
Veteran Recognition Cords
Shown above:  Red-White-Royal single-thin recognition cord for veterans.  Also available in red-white-navy blue.
army-navy-air force-marines,coast guard-veteran-recognition-cords
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